Students love to watch films and they also love to go to the cinema. So they are already familiar with trailers whose purpose is to promote/market upcoming releases.

The intention of the project is that students understand elements of film in order to become “active” rather than “passive viewers” of movies. In order to achieve this, students analyze different movie trailers and finally apply their knowledge and create an own trailer.


Students are expected:

  • to discuss the purpose and criteria of a movie trailer.
  • To analyze, understand and apply elements and techniques used in trailers.
  • To compose a TV-trailer by using the video editing program Pinnacle Video Spin.
  • To sketch a storyboard for the trailer.

Activity focuses on pre-production, production and post production of the TV-trailer process.


Activity 1: Movie Trailer (Class Discussion)

  1. What is a movie trailer?
  2. How are trailers distributed/disseminated?
  3. What is the primary purpose of a movie trailer?
  4. Who creates/edit/produces trailers?
  5. What is the length of most trailers?
  6. Have you ever (not) watched a movie because of the trailer? Explain why!

Activity 2: Analysis of Movie Trailers (Pairwork)

In this activity you are going to work with a partner in order to analyze the elements and techniques used in a movie trailer.When you watch the trailer, focus on the different techniques. For example, certain camera angles will be used for certain purposes; specific music will convey an emotion; lighting can be manipulated for effect. Everything is created for a reason and has meaning.

Below in the resource category, there are three different movie trailer available.


  1. Choose and watch with your partner one trailer.
  2. Create a PowerPoint with information about the trailer:
    • provide movie trailer name,
    • identify the genre (comedy, thriller, science fiction etc.) of trailer/movie,
    • identify the runtime of the trailer,
    • release date of the movie,
    • reflect on the use of text, music, other audio, transitions, special effects, visual sequencing (shots, angles and movement), colours, logo integration and composition
    • When appears text and what is the message of it?
    • Which mood generates the music?
  3. After you saw the trailer, would you watch the movie? Explain why! (Include the answer in the your PowerPoint)
  4. Be prepared to present your analysis the class.

Activity 3: Constructing a Movie Trailer (Individual work)

After you analyzed the techniques used in a movie trailer, its your turn to apply this knowledge and create your own TV-trailer meeting the following criteria:

  • Create a 45 second TV trailer to present a new TV episode of “Wizard of Waverly Place”.
  • Watch the below video, which shows just one part of the whole episode. Based on this part create a TV-trailer which should catch the attention and build curiosity of the audience. Make everyone want to see the new episode.

The trailer should include the following criteria:

  • Name of the movie (Wizard of Waverly Place) and title of the episode (make up an interesting title).
  • Name of the TV-channel (Disney Channel, Nickelodeon…).
  • Release date (you can include a specific date, just the month,”this summer” or you can say “coming soon”).
  • Include at least three sentences or words such as ‘Their Biggest Adventure”, “A Challenge she never Imagined.
  • Use only the most funniest, exciting and interesting footages of the movie for your trailer.
  • Add royalty free music.

Step 1: Planning

  • Watch the below movie. Take notes of what scenes do you like to integrate in your trailer. Write down the time in order to find the scene again.
  • Sketch a storyboard with the scenes that you want to use for your trailer.

Step 2: Download and Convert Youtube Video

Watch the tutorial or follow the written instructions.

  • Go to YouTube. Enter in the search field the following title: “wowp the good the bad and the alex part I hd”. Choose the video which takes 8:00 minutes.
  • Copy and paste the URL
  • Open the program Any Video Converter (is already installed on the computer). If you want to download the program at home, click the link
  • Click on the top menu the Download button-paste the URL-click Add to download list
  • On the top right corner choose from the output profile the .avi format
  • Click on the top menu the Convert button(the convert process takes some minutes)
  • After the convert process, move the movie in your video folder (see tutorial)
  • Close the program.

Step 3: Edit Movie

  • Open the free movie editing program Pinnacle VideoSpin
  • Go to folder and open the movie
  • Watch the tutorial in order to know how to use the program
  • Save the movie as an .avi file


Movie Trailer for Activity 2

Tutorial for Activity 3-Step 2

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Tutorial for Activity 3-Step 3


  • Discussion participation…………………..3 marks
  • Trailer info (PPP)……………………………5 marks
  • Trailer presentation…………………………5 marks
  • Storyboard………………………………….10 marks
  • Trailer………………………………………..50 marks