Activity 1


In this activity students are going to capture a series of pictures and create a stop motion movie. Stop Motion is a filming technique that makes static objects appear to be moving.

Developing Skills

Story telling, script writing, planning, collaboration, photography, movie making, video editing

How it works

You will need:

  • a digital camera
  • a tripod
  • different objects like toys, pencils, shoes etc.
  • story idea
  • movie making software such as Adobe Premiere, Microsoft Movie Maker, iMovie

Step 1: Scripting

First, think of an idea. Then write out your story and describe the actions that will take place.

Step 2: Storyboard

If the idea of a story is written, the story is ready to be visually depicted as a storyboard outlining the plot, characters, and backgrounds. The purpose of the storyboard is to visually plan out the entire animation.

Step 3: Capture Pictures

Stop motion requires a digital camera. When composing shots, keep the camera steady by using a tripod. Compose your figures on a set. Start to take a picture. After you take each picture, slightly move your characters into the position for the next shot. Keep in mind that the more photos, the smoother the resulting video. Each picture you take will become a frame in your movie.

Step 4: Video Editing

Upload your pictures on your computer.Now, trim the time duration of every picture between one to two seconds. Add a title and your name to the movie.


Activity 2


The purpose of this activity is to re-edit the stop motion movie of the previous activity with sound effects.

I included the following sound effects in the movie:

  • running
  • snake rattle
  • zipper
  • female scream
  • sigh

Free sound effects are available on various web sites on the Internet or you can create your own sounds.