What does “Social Media” mean to me?

Social Media means for me that I have boundless opportunities
to use the Internet. I am not only limited to  search for information
but also to share information and opinions over the Internet with other
Internet users of the whole world. Furthermore, I can communicate with
friends and family when ever I want and wherever I am.

What tools and application are associated with social media?

Social media tools and applications can be grouped into categories:

  • Publication tools with blogs (WordPress, Blogger) and wikis (Wikipedia)
  • Sharing tools for videos (YouTube) and pictures (FlickR)
  • Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace etc.
  • other Skype, Twitter

These is just a sample for the huge variety of different social media tools.

Who uses these tools? For what purpose?

Social media is used by almost everyone from high school student to
business person, who find out the great advantages of social media
tools. People love to communicate over Skype or Facebook with friends
and relatives. Evermore Internet user take the advantage to create wikis
or blogs to share opinions, load and watch movies on Youtube with the
purpose to get feedback from other users. Overnight everybody can be
famous and popular because of an Youtube clip.

In particular, more and more businesses take advantage of social
media tools by expending  their  promotion campaign over the Internet
and social networks. International business can easily communicate  by
using video conferences.