WordPress User Roles

WordPress offers five pre-defined user roles:

  • Administrator,
  • Editor,
  • Author,
  • Contributor and
  • Subscriber


When teachers integrate a WordPress Blog in their classes they have to consider the different user roles. The following descriptions give an
advise which role suited the best for teachers and students.

Roles for Teachers:

Administrator: An administrator is someone who has access to all the administrative  features that can be achieved within a WordPress blog. The administrator has the absolute authority. That means that he/she can edit, modify or  delete postings for users, add new user, pages etc. For that reason, the role of an administrator for a school blog is attributed to the  teacher. The teacher can add the students as users with different roles.

Editor: An editor is a user who can publish and manage posts and pages as well as manage other users’ posts, etc.

Roles for Students:

Author: As an author students are able to publish and manage their own posts.

Contributor: As a contributor students are allowed to edit, delete and read their own posts; however, they cannot publish them.  The teacher as an administrator can read the post and if it is appropriate than he/she can publish students post.

Subscriber: As subscriber students have only access to their own profile.